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Adedoyin Dada


As an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I have had the chance to explore new opportunities as well develop into the person I am today. When I look at new things, I view them as opportunities and not challenges. Each day I push myself to exceed my expectations because I know that I am capable of doing more than what I currently am doing. My desire to explore the unknown and further expand my knowledge is why I am pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences. Throughout my educational career, I have gained knowledge through my experiences that have shown me how to be successful in the future. I want to continue to grow and pass on this knowledge. As a member of Peer Health Exchange, I have had the opportunity to teach students about how they can make educated decisions about their health while acknowledging the disparities the students may encounter regarding their health as well.  My hopes for the future are to become a medical doctor who can eventually travel to places with lower access to healthcare to provide treatment.

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