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Registered as a 501(c)(3)

Here at African Youth Relief Initiative, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. Since 2000, we’ve been supporting our community members in a variety of ways and measuring our success not by monetary size, but by more qualitative measurements such as the scale and effectiveness of our efforts. Just imagine what we can achieve together! 

African Youth is defined as any black youth in USA, Caribean and in Africa that we can help to get professional quality jobs in the country of residence or empower the youth into e entreprenueraship to earn decent income that comenserate with the efforts.

About Us


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Here at African Youth Relief Initiative,  The mission is to wage war against abject poverty in Sub-Sahara Africa by raising money from all sources, private, public, and financing sources particularly the western world, to invest in economic and social programs.

Our primary objective is to create an organization that will be capable of raising funds or generate funds to develop programs that will effectively wage war against abject poverty in this region. We intend to create a vehicle to move capital from non-governmental sources.  The structure that we adopt must be able to effectively reach the people that need our services most directly without going through the governments but rather with their supports and co-operations.

To achieve our mission,  Afritech has to establish a Headquarter in Chicago IL, grass-root offices in other cities of USA, and international offices in other western countries to raise money to invest in Sub-Sahara  Africa to wage war against object poverty.

A country mission office will be opened in each country of Sub-Sahara Africa and additional offices in places with large populations like  Nigeria, Congo, South Africa, and Ethiopia to be close to people that need the service.

Each country office will be provided  with subventions (leverage  investments)  and be required to attract matching funds or more funds from both the home country and the international community for programs designed for the different communities.


Our goal is to help at least 5,000 people annually at the micro-level of $5,000 worth of assets to create wealth in the country with abundant mineral and natural resources in the continent. 

We will develop programs that will create wealth during which jobs that will pay living wages will be created. Today many young African graduates and youths are working as prostitutes all over the world. Others have been traded in the Middle East and Asia as slaves. Many Africans that went to Asia and the Middle East were killed and harvested for their organs. Those in Africa who cannot get jobs because the Chinese are bringing their workers to execute the development projects they finance in Africa. Many Africans died in the Mediterranean Sea on their attempts to reach Europe to become laborers. 

China moved 850 million out of poverty in 40 years since 1979 at the expense of African professionals and Dubai UAE developed within the last 25 years from 1994 but African countries are regressing annually with high population growth rate is above 3% while poverty is growing at 5 % and economic development at 2%. There are over 1 million Chinese people in Africa today and the growing foreigners have access to more low-cost capital than  Africans hence they have an advantage over African businesses. Every developed country wants to keep Africa as a consumer continent.

Our programs will level the playing field for Africans when we teach and train them on how to be credit-worthy to be able to access credit from all sources worldwide. About 64,000 American companies have offices in China and many of them are producing for European and American markets but you cannot count up to 1,000 American companies that are doing business in Africa. 

We want to use this program to increase American trade and investment in Africa. The project will help to integrate the African economy into the western economy. It will change the system from cash-based to credit-based economy.

African Youth Relief Initiative (AYRI) will focus on the African Youths both in the United States of America and in Africa. We will be cooperating and collaborating with the leading institutions and professionals to invest in the youths in Africa and provide linkage programs for those in the United States of America. We will help the micro-companies to grow to small companies across Africa. 

Youth integration among all African Diaspora is very important and with development programs to build their capacity to be able to use all the programs in the United States of America to do businesses in Africa.

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